Technologies 🤖

These are the technologies I've used over the years


I have lots of experience working with these in multiple projects

  • React.js icon
  • Next.js icon
  • TypeScript icon
  • Node.js icon
  • Firebase icon
  • Supabase icon
  • icon
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Used in multiple projects but there is still a lot to learn be learned

  • PostgreSQL icon
  • Express.js icon
  • Capacitor icon
  • Unity icon
  • Cypress icon
  • AWS icon
  • Docker icon
  • Java icon
  • MongoDB icon
  • MySQL icon
  • Spring icon
  • Storybook icon


Comfortable working with these but I'm not near mastering them

  • Vue.js icon
  • Kubernetes icon
  • C# icon
  • Elasticsearch icon
  • Stripe icon