All my projects 馃殌

A list of projects I worked on that are worth mentioning

  • RICK

    The first video game I ever created. It was made by 3 junior developers the first year of university

  • Raycast Extensions

    I've contributed with several extensions to the popular productivity tool named Raycast

    Raycast Extensions
  • GitHub Actions

    I am a huge fan of GitHub actions. I've developed lots of them for businesses and personally.

    GitHub Actions
  • Tayaimgut

    Website for a luxury wine producer in Barcelona. One of my oldest web projects

  • Mankind Technologies

    Consulting firm based in Barcelona that gives a friendly boost for companies. I am currently working here as a CTO with a lovely development team

    Mankind Technologies
  • Sinking Souls

    Rogue-like pirate video game made over a year in Unity with 5 teammates when studying in ENTI university

    Sinking Souls
  • Filant

    Chrome extension utility for developers. Allows you to open web components in editor from the browser with a single click

  • Pocket Todo

    To-do list app that actually makes you productive. Built with my lovely startup using technologies like React, Capacitor and Firebase. It was built between 3 people, were I took part a CTO and project manager

    Pocket Todo
  • Tomacons

    Website and packaging design for the most delicious tomato producer in Catalonia

  • Spy Code

    Another board game companion mobile app for my friends at Atomo Games published in the Google Play Store

    Spy Code
  • Urban Sound Classifier

    One of my more complete works on the data science front. Here I use different audio data processing techniques for creating a great sound classifier.

    Urban Sound Classifier
  • Roof Maxx

    Optimisation of form submissions and user experience for multiple complex forms that Roof Maxx uses to increase sales. Using React and Cypress to ensure maximum quality while improving conversion rates

    Roof Maxx
  • Jobeed

    Originally this was a boring university assignment. To make it more interesting, I applied DDD concepts to deepen my understanding about it.

  • Nuclio Digital School

    Teacher of full-stack development master on this awesome digital school located in Barcelona

    Nuclio Digital School
  • Bloobirds Extension

    Chrome extension that enables integration between Bloobirds and LinkedIn

    Bloobirds Extension
  • Barams

    One of my first browser extensions with the purpose of improving some team workflows at the company I was working on.

  • Quotes Handlebars

    One of my first web projects. A quotes simple website with authentication, continuous integration, MongoDB and Express.

    Quotes Handlebars
  • IHR World

    Backend developer for NGO organization dedicated Spanish civil war documentation. I improved the search experience for their huge dataset of over 1 million records

    IHR World
  • Bloobirds

    The best B2B prospecting app. Here I learned how nurturing can be to work with other people and how to manage complexity in React.js and Java projects

  • Nockolds

    Developed the marketing website for the spanish website of the UK legal firm Nockolds. Using the latest technologies to achieve a fast and SEO optimized website.

  • Hidreco

    Website for Hidreco, which company mission is to provide clean and affordable water to all Valencia citizens.

  • 10 Nights

    Mystery board game with mobile app to have fun with friends and family. It won a 2nd place at DAU and traveled all the way to France's Cannes International Festival of Jeux

    10 Nights
  • MNIST Classifier

    Probably my first deep learning projects with a goal in mind. Here I wrote a funny article explaining the use of Keras for solving the classic MNIST dataset

    MNIST Classifier
  • Personal Website

    My own website built with simplicity, accessibility, performance and fun.

    Personal Website
  • Kin贸tico

    Lead the development of Kin贸tico, a digital newspaper specialized in series, movies and video games.

  • Tattoox

    Lead the frontend and backend development of Tattoox, a marketplace to find your perfect tattoo artist.