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Hi, I am Victor Navarro!

When I was a child, my dream was to become an inventor

Today, I help quality businesses build quality software

Experience 馃殌

Some of the things I've built

  • Mankind Technologies

    Consulting firm based in Barcelona that gives a friendly boost for companies. I am currently working here as a CTO with a lovely development team

    Mankind Technologies
  • Bloobirds

    The best B2B prospecting app. Here I learned how nurturing can be to work with other people and how to manage complexity in React.js and Java projects

  • Nuclio Digital School

    Teacher of full-stack development master on this awesome digital school located in Barcelona

    Nuclio Digital School
  • Tattoox

    Lead the frontend and backend development of Tattoox, a marketplace to find your perfect tattoo artist.

  • Roof Maxx

    Optimisation of form submissions and user experience for multiple complex forms that Roof Maxx uses to increase sales. Using React and Cypress to ensure maximum quality while improving conversion rates

    Roof Maxx
  • 10 Nights

    Mystery board game with mobile app to have fun with friends and family. It won a 2nd place at DAU and traveled all the way to France's Cannes International Festival of Jeux

    10 Nights
  • Kin贸tico

    Lead the development of Kin贸tico, a digital newspaper specialized in series, movies and video games.

  • Nockolds

    Developed the marketing website for the spanish website of the UK legal firm Nockolds. Using the latest technologies to achieve a fast and SEO optimized website.


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